Transform your health through healthy, nutritious and delicious low carb, paleo and ketogenic meals.

We are passionate about providing you with wholesome nutritious food. We take pride in food we prepare for you by using high quality ingredients (local and organic as much as possible), because it matters to us where your food comes from.

We support local farms, because we care about our local economy and the quality of food we feed you and your family.

We make all our food from scratch, with love and care. No cutting corners in our kitchen.

We feed you the food we feed our friends and families.

2 million Canadians suffer from autoimmune diseases and we are 2 of these Canadians.

Hey, my name is Veronika and I am a wife, a mother of 3 busy children, a Registered Nurse, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a founder of Gaia Goddess Nutrition INC and a co-founder of Carb Smart Express.

In December 2009 when my first baby was 11 months old I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I remember being all alone in the neurologist’s office and receiving the diagnosis. I never felt more alone and at the same time more empowered than that day. By the time I drove myself home I made a decision not to allow anyone treat me like a victim and I decided that I was the only person in charge of my health.

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I searched for answers everywhere, I read hundreds of books and I was convinced that wholesome nutritious food was the answer. In 2014 I enrolled in Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and began my journey as a nutritionist. Through my studies I naturally gravitated towards Paleo and ketogenic lifestyles and started to implement the diet. Two short years of living a ketogenic lifestyle I was a completely different person: I lost 113lbs, I had an abundance of energy and my yearly MRI came back with 3 LESS lesions!

I concentrated my nutritional practice on helping people with weight loss and autoimmune disorders by implementing a combination of Paleo and ketogenic dietary changes. My clients started to experience amazing benefits and their life transforming testimonials further fueled my passion for nutrition and for helping people.

My name is Amynah and I live in Ottawa with my husband and three boys. I am a Chiropractor and a very busy mom. When I’m not busy doing “mom stuff” you will find me in the kitchen, baking and cooking. This is my down time!

I love food; GOOD, HEALTHY food.

The journey to eating low carb (specifically the ketogenic diet) started with my husband and the benefits have been so tremendous that our whole family has changed the way we eat.

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In 2016, my husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that even baffled the doctors. This left him with a partial eyesight loss, intense nerve pain and extreme fatigue. Not to mention weight gain, erratic moods and other side effects from the extremely high doses of steroids and painkillers that he was taking to combat the inflammation and pain. He was unable to lower his dose quickly as symptoms would flare up. He realized he had to find a way to help himself feel better. That’s when Veronica (my friend and business partner) introduced us to the ketogenic diet. Now he is finally lowering his dosages successfully, has more energy and his mood is more stable. All this, plus a positive side effect of loosing over 35 lbs.

No more cravings, no hunger pangs, no more late night munching.

He is not the only one who benefited from this change.

I also live with an autoimmune disorder which is now managed through the Ketogenic diet.After changing the way we eat, for the first time in my life I feel “free” from the thoughts of food and cravings for more carbs and I have relief from joint pain and fatigue regardless of how busy we are and how stressful life can get.

I have always had a passion for baking, cooking, and feeding my children good food, but It’s not always that easy. Packing a healthy ( and not boring) lunch for the kiddos is possible now. No mom guilt of throwing “healthy” granola bars and muffins filled with sugar and feeding them sugary cereals for breakfast. It’s not perfect but it’s better than before.

The idea of Carb Smart Express started when Veronika recommended the ketogenic diet and I went from store to store trying to find clean ketogenic convenience foods that were gluten free, grain free, and sugar free to make our busy life easier. After not finding a single item, we decided that these foods needed to be readily accessible to help so many families like ours succeed on this health journey.

We are here to help you balance your life and achieve your best through healthy nutrition.

On 1 December 2017 Carb Smart Express INC was born.

We had an amazing idea, a nutritious and flavorful menu, lots of fear and excitement and no clue how to run a food business BUT we also had lots of faith and trust in Universe.

Our little business was growing FAST and we needed to learn everything even faster to stay on top. We made so many silly mistakes along the way- some very costly, needlessly lost money, lost some friends along the way but also gained an abundance of knowledge, met amazing people, learned valuable lessons.

Through all the hardships and lessons, we stayed true what matters to us most- HEALTH. Our goal is to provide Canadians with healthy and delicious low carb, ketogenic and Paleo foods that will become staples of every Canadian kitchen.

We are committed to supporting your journey to ‘Eat better, Feel better, Live better’.

Healthier you – Healthier world.